Saturday, October 31, 2009



Hi guys... My subject today is Fatimah and her hubby of course. Fatimah is my junior in Crescent Girls' School. I was in the Red Cross Society back then. Anyway I hope she is doing ok after her small mishap. It seems a cyclist knocked on her while she was running and the cyclist didn't even apologise.... As a friend in my FaceBook, I decided to cheer her up with this comical scenario of her and hubby riding an agitated elephant..... cool huh!



Finally done it. This is Nor Anne and her daughter Alyssa (I guess... mcm kenal je gitu). I senang capture her cartoon concept because sister ni suka trying out new recipes.... biasalah bila ada hobi sebegini hor lanti sula siap hor kasi lia punyia hasben tlai makan lor... tala selap tiam tiam satu korner sua...... ;)


Hi friends!!! Hot from the oven!!!! This is my friend Eddy Biaggy. Don't know his real name tho but i think i know him as a person. Eddy is a funny, friendly and most of all, a loving DADDY! As a caricaturist you just cant help prying into your subject's real life. I do it because i want my cartoons to depict the subject's actual life. If i don't have that, i'll do the total opposite then. Anyway I truly hope to Allah Eddy likes this because I get emotional when i draw children...sob..sob..

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Thursday, October 29, 2009



Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of God Almighty, things are going smoothly amid the busy schedule i'm facing right now. A guy ask me why am i doing this mission for free! I told him this mission is my way of teaching my children that you don't have to measure everything with money. Life is soooo short. I strongly believe that everyone of us have a role to play and probably destined for one. I just love to make people laugh. Its no fun having a funny moment all alone. Thus, this Mission is great, I guess someone out there might be sniggering at my cartoons right now. Its true I have not shop at the mall for ages.. Infact at this very moment I can surf the web because recently i was able to buy a second hand laptop at ebay for $300.... terror seh, what a bargain.
Living in Jaybee has made me wiser and humane. Life is much, much simpler when you're surrounded with people who does not have it all. Don't get me wrong, I want to be the next millionaire in the making! But after reading 'Anthony Robbins's book The Unlimited Power I have a different outlook on life. Its really refreshing.
He is right you now, when you do something that you really love, anything can happen.

Recently I celebrated my 41st birthday and this MISSION POSSIBLE is the best birthday gift ever!!!! :)
My hubby ask me what if friends added to the thousands.. I told him as long as I can draw, I have my papers and pen, I will immortalise my Facebook friends. Its like doing a big masterpiece... I can't say when its going to end though....
Allah only Knows....

So my dear FB friends... at 4.00am in the morning I was able to finish two artworks.


this is a cartoonised version of my friend, Afdah. I saw his profile photo with the face 'terkopak', so idea terus datang with this portrayal....layan!

MR HAWAZI DAIPI, my friend...

 This is Mr Hawazi Daipi. It may be a shocked to some of u guys and probably my own children for that matter, but he is a friend of mine and a friend in my FaceBook. So kenala dikartunkan jugak ya...tak boleh elak dari Shareah...muahahahahaah! Anyway, i knew him when i was working as a graphic journalist for the Singapore Straits Times, long, long, long time ago..phew. Mr Hawazi is a sweet, soft spoken gentleman. Back then i dah gatal je nak kartunkan dia sebegini rupa because i think dia sajak jadi hero filem Melayu.... heheheh...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Its wee hours in the morning and i am not in bed... Aini has finally slept 2 hours ago so mummy has got time to finish off Uncle Darwis's caricature, yeh, yeh! Darwis is the very few people who acknowledged my first presence in Facebook. I've known Darwis since i was working in Berita Harian way way  back in the late 90s. Of course i was working in the art studio.... that was something! Anyway guys, Darwis struck me as a good cartoon muscleman. I just knew his perfect for it. So Darwis, i do hope you love this portrayal of you.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 Time 11.03pm (MISSION POSSIBLE DAY 2)


Alhamdulillah..... so many feedbacks (so far good ones, keep it up), many friends added in and my mind is flooding with creative juices flowing straight to my hand. A niece asked me why am i not charging my services for the caricatures beautifully drawn. (She knows her auntie is a super duper mom with no bank acc, let alone money in her wallet. She showed her friends the blog and they were soooooo excited that she trunkcalled me from her Uni in Sarawak! They wanted to place an order... but i told her just ask them to add themselves to my Facebook acc. Upload their photos and InsyaAllah, their caricatures will be uploaded in the 'AKU TETAP AKU' TAKDE HAL PUNYA photo album.

I like to make people laugh, ask anyone who knows me... so if services is charged i wont be able to freely express myself in the caricatures. I just dont anyhow pick a subject to draw... i let my mind wonder and visualise the person on how he or she should be depicted. Like tonight because of the beautiful heart that belongs to NurSyafiqah, she is the next cartoon depicted. She tried to be my hero, so i made her into one!!!

FADZULI & ANTHONY RIBBONS 'LEPAK' ???? what? say that again!

What would it look like if Anthony Robbins were to wear the Malay sarung, drinking Teh Tarik and eating our local delicacy cekodok. I guess, Tony will be a very satisfied man.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi, i've just posted some interesting stuff on my Facebook wall...  I love to draw no matter what... i love cartooning and i have a great sense of humor. Recently i just started to do caricatures and i just cant stop. My children knows me very well that i cant see a marker pen infront of me. They'll be 'victimised' with caricatures of them either drawn on pieces of paper strewn about or yesterdays newspaper. Anyway, what i posted on my Facebook wall was that, i will be cartooning those people i've added as friends in my Facebook acc. Yeah baby... that'll be my mission! I've created an album called "AKU TETAP AKU, TAKDE HAL PUNYA!

I have friends who say its a crazy idea... well when u have 5 children and loads and loads of housework that i called 'homework' (no baby you have to do your homework just like mummy is dutifully doing hers ok.. sayang....grrrrrr howl!!!!) you have to unwind if not as an artist you will just go CRAAAAAAAZEEEEEY!!!

So for you out there who is not added as my friend in Facebook, do so NOW... Offer is still standing! Facebook SHAREAH MOKHTAR!! Welcome aboard!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Friend The Teacher!!!

This is my friend who is always reliable and very proper. I knew him way way back in the 90s and FaceBook got us reconnected. Anyway i decided to immortalised him into a cartoon from a serious no nonsense teacher to a 'Teh Tarik' King.....he he he

My nephew who just got married 16 Oct ago...


They are a cute couple, so there's no harm done when i decided to potray them snuggling on a 'i couldnt care less' kind of bull. Amin & Iylia...Your dearest makcu cant give u both a super duper wedding gift but has this Alhamdulillah God given talent to come up with this impossible but remarkable wedding couple pose for a portrait that money can't buy..... This is truly a gift from my heart .. congrats!


Made some more caricatures for great reviews..ah i'm so thankful to God

This is Mas, a friend who was a pillar of strength.
I decided to portray her as a no nonsense kind of a lady.
You just don't mess with her. Looks can just be deceiving... uh uh!